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The notaries in Spain, almost 3.000, are geographically distributed throughout the country, and so you will have no difficulty in finding one close to your home or work.

You can choose any notary you prefer. He will examine your case at no cost and advise you as to the most appropriate way of handling it, indicating the benefits and drawbacks of each option. He will inform you as to the final cost of your notarial deed, act, power of attorney… including any taxes that you might be required to pay.

Who chooses the notary?

If the parties agree, they may make use of any notary, irrespective of the location of the property, in the case of house sales. In the absence of agreement, the choice lies with the party required to pay all or most of the notarial costs. However, in the case of a private individual arranging a contract with a large organisation (real estate developer, financial entity, etc.) then whichever party must bear the costs, you have the right to choose the notary. If this right is violated, you should have no qualms about filing a complaint with the User Response Service of the closest Notarial College.

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