General contractual conditions

The General Contractual Conditions Protocol is a general interest service offered by the General Council of the Notariat and managed by Agencia Notarial de Certificación S.L. (Ancert), which does not constitute commercial advertising by the companies or entities executing the act, nor the authorising notary.

Operational regulations

  1. In order to include the general conditions for a particular product or service on the website, the financial institution will execute a notarial act calling on the notary to include them on the website, and proceed to print the document containing the general contractual conditions for the product offered, subsequently incorporated with the act, stating the date and time when this was performed.
    Following verification of incorporation, and likewise at the behest of the financial institution, the notary will present an authentic copy to the General Council of the Notariat, with the status of an electronic copy signed with Feren (Recognised Notarial Electronic Signature), the purpose in this case, in accordance with Act 84/2001, being publication on the notarial website in accordance with this agreement.
  2. Agencia Notarial de Certificación, S.L., will request of the General Council of the Notariat immediate inclusion of the document received on the notarial website, in the "General Contractual Conditions" subsection, access to which will be open to all web users.
    The document will be published for the duration of this agreement, or any subsequent extensions thereto, unless the financial institution requests deregistration or modification.
    The financial institution will be entitled to state in its contracts with clients or in its advertising the fact that the content of said general conditions have been included in the protocol by means of a notarial act, and that the contents thereof can be consulted on the notarial website.
  3. The consultation of general contractual conditions performs a strictly informative function rather than constituting any transaction. In the event of any discrepancy between the contents of the information published on the General Contractual Conditions website and the notarial act included in the protocol, the contents of the act will prevail, as it is a public instrument.
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