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notarios. notarios.png Highly skilled, notaries are approachable and impartial professionals who are there to help you, advise you and guarantee that your contract or transaction complies with the strictest legality. Notaries guarantee legitimacy and security for both private individuals and for the State.

There are almost 3.000 notaries in Spain distributed throughout the country so as to guarantee service availability, even in very small towns, which means you will have no difficulty in finding one close to your home in whom to place your trust (consult the Notarial Guide). Notaries are organised into Colleges, which support them in their functions and also oversee their actions. The Deans of these Colleges make up the General Council of the Notariat, representing the group at the national level. In hierarchical terms, notaries are dependent on the Directorate-General for Registers and Notarial Affaires (DGRN) of the Ministry of Justice.



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