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Personal and family relationships

1.- Economic regime of marriage

Marriage not only gives rise to a series of personal effects between the spouses, but also has significant consequences for their assets, known as the 'economic effects of marriage'.

The law establishes a number of standards to regulate these economic effects, some of which are mandatory (and cannot be modified) while others are supplementary, and may be modified as voluntarily decided by the spouses, tailored to their needs in the form of prenuptial agreements. Remember that if you have any doubts, the best course of action is to seek advice from a notary.

What are prenuptial agreements?
Do such agreements have to be registered?
What are the most common agreements?
When can prenuptial agreements be established?
Differences between National Law and Devolved Regional Law

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2.- Wills and inheritances

When considering making a will, people often wonder whether it is necessary to turn to a notary, or if it can be drawn up without their advice. Both are possible approaches, but before reaching a decision it is better to understand the available options and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

- Types of will: what is needed to make one
How much does it cost to draw up the will?
Content and characteristics of the will
The most common will: “From one to the other, and then to the children”
What happens if the will is made
Who are the heirs in the absence of a will
Procedures to remedy the absence of a will
Accept or reject an inheritance
Division of the inheritance
The costs to inherit: inheritance tax
Reserved portions

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