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Purchase and sale of residential property

Buying a home is the greatest investment that most people will make at least once in their life, and so our advice is that if you are thinking of buying a home you turn to a notary for assistance before concluding any procedure. Whichever notary office you choose, they will advise you about all the steps you need to take to purchase your home with the utmost guarantees.

The current Spanish system, based on close cooperation between notaries and the register, is able to offer you the highest level of legal certainty. You should request advice before signing any document or receipt, and even before handing over any money, even if only is a deposit.

- Prior procedures: the private document
- The authentic public instrument of sale and purchase
- Home Purchase: subsequent procedures

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New build

This is an act declaring the construction (or modification) of a building that has been or is being built on a plot of land. The act serves to record the construction that has been built on a plot of land, or the remodelling or refurbishment performed, in the Land Register.

- What is a new build declaration?
- Forms of new build declaration
- Is the new build declaration mandatory?
- How is the notary involved? Oversight of legality

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