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 Integrated Remote Electronic Management serves to combine in one single act and location all procedures required to formalise a legal business. The Notariat, aware of the inconvenience caused to the public by completing all these procedures and paperwork, has decided to make its services and technological platform available to consumers.

Implementation of the project began in the year 2000 with the main aim of allowing citizens, with one single visit to a notary office and in one single service, to perform all steps from signature of a notarial public instrument to settlement of taxes or remote electronic registration of the instrument with the official registers, all of this performed with electronic signature and with electronic copies or information being sent as requested or where demanded by the public authorities.

For some years now, notaries have therefore been able to perform in the same day, most steps required to incorporate a company via remote electronic channels:

  • Obtain reservation of a name
  • Request a provisional NIF tax number
  • Settle the payment of Stamp Duty
  • Prepare the instrument of incorporation
  • Dispatch this via electronic channels to the Companies Register for registration.

The speed of the notarial service for the incorporation of companies is founded on the public function notaries perform on the basis of competition, and the extension of the use of new technologies to a broad spectrum of activities undertaken at notary offices.

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