Management System

Management System

The Signo (Integrated Notariat Management System) project was set up with the aim of establishing a uniform technological structure at all notary offices, integrating all notarial applications within the context of a secure and modern architecture.

This project combines within one single infrastructure all of the applications of the General Council of the Notariat, while also fulfilling a series of regulatory requirements:

  • Compliance with requirements regarding the handover of filing systems and computerised storage media of the notarial office in the event that the notary leaves his post, and the protocol is therefore transferred, as originally imposed by Circular 1/2004, and subsequently by the new Notarial Regulation.
  • This developed to its ultimate consequences the scheme devised by Act 24/2005, which establishes that "notaries and land, companies and immovable assets registrars shall on a mandatory basis have in place remote electronic systems for the issuance, transfer, communication and receipt of information".

In the initial phase of the project, the tasks essentially comprise the execution of consultancy processes so as to define the best tools and technological solutions to fulfil the objectives of Signo. 

During the final quarter of 2006, IBM servers of the General Council of the Notariat were installed at each notary office. The implementation of various significant services and applications was then progressively rolled out, such as:

  • Signature and alert box services.
  • Electronic dossier.
  • Closure of Single Computerised Indices.
  • Notification of Summary Datasheet to autonomous regions.
  • Remote electronic registration of documents at registers.
  • Request for Certificates of Last Wills and Testaments.
  • Request for Certificates of Life Insurance.
  • Submission of Electronic Copies.
  • Settlement of Asset Transfer Tax/Stamp Duty.
  • Consultation and payment of municipal property tax debts.
  • Receipt of Payment Papers.
  • Request for Provisional NIF tax number.
  • Request for Company Name.
  • Notification of operations to the Centralised Money Laundering Prevention Body.
  • Dispatch of Testament Records and Intestate Acts.

Signo, as the star project in the Notariat's modernisation strategy, allows the notarial body to follow the increasing pace of change and evolution marked by the marketplace and Public Authorities. Taking the information from a notarial instrument as its central strand, Signo fast-tracks and simplifies the execution of procedures by increasing the use of electronic transactions, allowing notaries to perform their function more effectively.

What Signo provides:

Productivity: There has been a significant increase in the productivity of notary offices, fast-tracking and simplifying the activities of the notarial function, by automating steps and procedures.

Security: The whole environment has been designed to guarantee the utmost security in every electronic transaction. Communications between notary offices, Notarial Colleges and the General Council of the Notariat are performed by means of the Notarial Private Network (RENO), separate from the Internet, so as to improve and guarantee communications within the group and ensure that certain information is accessible solely and exclusively within this private network.

Standardisation and integration: The structure and content of the information is uniform, generating a common notarial electronic protocol, irrespective of the notarial management application used at each notary office.

The standardisation of systems and infrastructure allows for the rapid inclusion of third party bodies within the services enabled by the General Council of the Notariat. As a result, the notarial body guarantees enhanced capacity to comply with the legislation in force and the provisions of the Notarial Regulation.

Services: Enhanced capacity to provide services of interest to society at large, citizens and companies. The usage of standard marketplace technologies facilitates the integration of new services with Public Authorities.

Notary offices now serve as a "one-stop shop" for handling paperwork with public authorities, saving citizens and companies time and money in this process.


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