The Notarial Certification Agency (Ancert) was established in July 2002 by the General Council of the Notariat in order to put into practice the technological modernisation plan of the Spanish Notariat through the introduction of the recognised notarial electronic signature (FEREN) and the Notarial Private Network (RENO), providing electronic communications for the almost  3000 notaries throughout Spain, the 17 Notarial Colleges and the General Council of the Notariat, by means of a secure channel for encrypted communication. RENO remains to this day one of the largest professional networks in Spain, and allows for the secure and reliable exchange of data among all users connected to it.

With bases in Madrid and Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona) and a regional office in Bilbao, it has some 200 highly qualified professionals in place, specialising in the development of in-house solutions for the Notariat overall, in its electronic relationships with citizens, public authorities (at the central, regional and local levels) and third parties, the supply of information to public bodies with its own tools for both management and operation, along with the tailored development of services for interconnection with web channels among notaries and financial institutions, making notaries the central node functioning as a one-stop shop, providing security, savings and efficiency throughout the process.

Ancert also provides signature and encryption solutions as a registration authority, as well as providing time stamping and secure communications services.

Since March 2004, Ancert has issued electronic certificates recognised before a notary for natural and legal persons, private and public law corporations, complying with all the requirements imposed by Electronic Signature Act 59/2003, of 19 December 2003.


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