Operating rules

Ábaco Operating Standards

  1. ÁBACO is a general interest service offered by the General Council of the Notariat and managed by Agencia Notarial de Certificación S.L. (ANCERT), which does not constitute commercial advertising by the companies or entities executing the act, or the authorising notary. The service is provided free of charge to those consulting the information.
  2. Its contents comprise the terms and conditions of competitions, offers or prize draws by those companies or entities requesting that they be registered in a notarial protocol. Execution of the corresponding act will require the notary to inform ÁBACO of the terms and conditions registered, expressly informing the requesting party of this.
  3. The General Council of the Notariat will keep the terms and conditions published for at least one year from the date when the competition is awarded or the prize draw performed, unless there are technical reasons or cases of force majeure making this impossible.
  4. The General Council of the Notariat, or the delegated agency, ANCERT, may make changes to the structure or configuration of ÁBACO without the need to notify the companies or entities whose terms and conditions are included in the archive.
  5. The General Council of the Notariat does not accept any liability with regard to the solvency of the company making the announcement, the content of the terms and conditions published or the staging and outcome of the competition, prize draw or event.
  6. Companies and entities may state in their advertising that the terms and conditions of the competition or prize draw have been published in the ÁBACO archive on the website of the General Council of the Notariat (www.notariado.org). This advertising may specify the name of the company and/or the specific name of the promotion covered by the terms and conditions under the names of which they have been entered in the archive in order to allow users more easily to locate them.
  7. The notification for ÁBACO to publish the terms and conditions must come from the notary with whom they were first registered. The General Council of the Notariat will not accept requests from third parties in this regard. To publish terms and conditions already registered with a notary prior to the entry into force of the archive, the requesting parties must expressly request that the authorising notary or his legal substitute present the information to the General Council of the Notariat.


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