Notaries social assessment

Notaries social assessment

7 out of 10 Spaniards have used notary services at some point and, according to a study conducted by Simple Logic in 2016, they mostly attach great value to their work and to the preventive legal security function they perform. The best rated aspects are: overall attention offered (78%) and advice provided (72%).

Trust in a notary

The profession of the notary is held in high regard by citizens. 72% of those surveyed consider that they are highly-qualified professionals because they make great efforts for their professional training and knowledge of laws.

The most demanded services

The notary services most demanded by Spaniards in 2015 were the granting of powers of attorney, the establishment of loans and mortgages, making wills, purchases and sales and the distribution of inheritances. Other services often provided by notaries are those related to the incorporation, transformation or dissolution of companies and other general acts such as minutes, donations, condominium extinctions, etc.

High degree of satisfaction with treatment

The users surveyed showed a high degree of satisfaction with the treatment received at the notary office. 73% of those surveyed recognised that the notary made them feel comfortable, 69% believed that the notary was approachable and 68% that they were dedicated sufficient time.

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