Modernization of the Notary Public

Modernization of the Notary Public

The technological investment begun by the Notariat in the year 2000 has equipped the notarial body with the most advanced resources and information systems for the exchange and electronic processing of documents and data with public authorities (Autonomous Regions, Directorate-General for the Land Survey, Companies and Land Registers, Tax Agency, Local Councils, Register of Last Wills, etc.) and with private entities.

These new technological systems have allowed notaries to achieve high levels of optimisation and efficiency in performing their activities, and have brought about significant improvements in the public provision of their services.

In accordance with this strategic approach, the General Council of the Notariat established the Notarial Certification Agency (Ancert) and made the investment required to catalyse the implementation of electronic signature within the notarial body; for the development of new electronic tools and applications, and the enhancement of all corporate services used by notary offices, notarial colleges, and the General Council of the Notariat itself.

The Spanish Notariat currently has in place fundamental tools for the application of new technologies to its activities. These tools are provided by Ancert.


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