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  • The Law 14/2013, of 27 September 2013, on support for entrepreneurs and their internationalisation, was born with the declared aim of encouraging growth and economic reactivation in order to overcome the financial crisis. Therefore incorporated a series of measures to facilitate entrepreneurship in business and professional activities, by means, as far as we are concerned with here, of limiting the asset liability derived from the activity and fast-tracking the paperwork.
  • The law was developed in Royal Decree 421/2015, of May 29, which regulates the standard statutes and public deed standardization of the limited liability companies and Order JUS/1840/2015, of September 9. We will highlight the most significant developments in which the notary can help you.
  • A distinction must be made here between sole traders, or "entrepreneurs", and corporate forms.

A) Limited liability sole trader (natural person)

B) Private limited liability company (SL)

B1) What steps must I follow to found a limited liability company?
B2) What details do I need to clarify to incorporate a limited liability company?
B3) I have already signed the instrument of incorporation of the company. What do I have to do now?

C) Limited liability private (SL) or public (SA) company?

D) What other types of commercial company exist

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