Notarial private network

The Notarial Private Network (RENO) interconnects the almost 3000 notarial practices, the 17 Notarial Colleges and the General Council of the Notariat with corporate systems, obtaining the utmost security and confidentiality possible in the electronic transactions conducted via notary offices. Implemented by Ancert and complying with communications security guidelines, this is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) managed by the most modern MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) technology, and is one of the largest networks of its type in Spain.

The benefits of RENO:

  • Data transfer within the notarial body and between it and third parties, whether they are Public Authorities, financial institutions, etc. is performed via the Notarial Private Network, rather than via such public electronic environments as the internet, thereby achieving the highest level of security.
  • The servers and databases of notary offices, Notarial Colleges and Ancert, which hold confidential information, are not visible via the internet, and so are not exposed to the intrusion by outside persons or bodies.
  • Technical support is provided by the staff of the leading operator in Spain, exclusively dedicated to the notarial private network, and with the guarantees of network availability and speed.
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